Teddies for Loving Care

Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) Northumberland

Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) Northumberland is a registered not for profit Masonic charity which raises funds to provide teddy bears to Childrens A&E Units, Hospital Wards and Walk In Centres throughout the Province of Northumberland. The bears help NHS Staff calm children while they are being examined and treated.

TLC helps one of the most vulnerable sectors of our community [children] who go to hospital where they are surrounded by strangers, often not able to have their parents or family nearby, and who are about to undergo what can be bewildering and scary treatment. 

We support 21 NHS Units from Berwick in the North, down the east coast to Newcastle, and across to Hexham in the west. 

As a registered Charity, TLC Northumberland has a number Trustees currently:  

  • W Bro Alasdair Watson, PSGD, APGM – Chairman 
  • W Bro Stuart Cairns, PAGDC, ProvGSec, – Secretary 
  • W Bro Dennis Frazer, PAGDC – Treasurer 
  • W Bro Philippe Pages, PAGDC – Trustee.

Contact Details

Registered Charity No. 1193062

Cheque donations payable to ‘TLC Appeal Northumberland’.

TLC Representative | 17 Landsdowne Terrace | Gosforth | Newcastle upon Tyne | NE3 1HP

To contact the Teddies for Loving Care Team in Northumberland


Most Provinces under UGLE have a TLC Charity, which all operate under the umbrella of the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) who has responsibility for producing and maintaining universal guidelines and operational procedures that each Province must operate under. 

The MCF’s connection to each Provincial TLC Team is maintained via a Provincial Representative and for Northumberland this is W Bro Dennis Frazer. 

Although linked to the MCF, each Province has sole responsibility for its own finances and direct contact with the NHS Units in their area. 

Funds for the TLC Northumberland are raised through Lodge, Chapter, Other Orders and private donations, as well as fund raising events; collection boxes; sale of fund raising bears and lapel badges.

To help facilitate fund raising, Northumberland has a number of appointed Ambassadors to act as the TLC focal point to help, direct, and encourage fund raising.

During 2022 TLC Appeal Northumberland donated over 10,500 bears to their respective NHS Units.