Provincial Almoner

Support for Freemasons

Freemasons have always supported those who need help. We understand the importance of looking after the welfare of and providing support for fellow Freemasons and their loved ones – responsibilities for this is Lodges, is the role of the Lodge Almoner.

Every Lodge will appoint an Almoner and they are central to the provision of pastoral care to the Brethren in their Lodge. The office is often considered to be the most important of all roles within our Lodges.

The Provincial Grand Almoner is in office to provide support, guidance and advice to Lodge Almoners and also directly supports Brethren in the Province, or their loved ones, in times of need.  Our Provincial Grand Almoner is Norman West, and you can read his biography here and find his contact details below.

The Provincial Grand Almoner, is responsible for 4 key areas:

1. Support to Lodge Almoners

To provide support, guidance and advice to all Lodge Almoners within the Province of Northumberland to enable them to perform their important pastoral duties efficiently, and with care, compassion and discretion.

2. Provide Advice and Support Brethren

The Provincial Grand Almoner can answer general enquiries personally from members and their families who are looking for more information on applying for grants and other types of support from the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

3. Managing a team of Visiting Volunteers (VV’s)

The Provincial Grand Almoner is responsible for appointing and managing a team of 3 dedicated Visiting Volunteers who cover the whole of the Province.

These Visiting Volunteers are the first step which all applications for financial, medical and family support on behalf of our Brethren and their dependants are directed to the Masonic Charitable Foundation for processing.

Our Visiting Volunteers who have all been trained, vetted and attended a refresher training course generously give their time to enable the Masonic Charitable Foundation to process the applications and award grant quickly and efficiently.

4. The Richard Henry Holmes Masonic Benevolent Fund (RHHMBF)

The Provincial Grand Almoner is also a Trustee of the Richard Henry Holmes Masonic Fund which is the Province of Northumberland’s own registered charity managing a sizeable fund from which each year, makes dozens of awards to both Masonic and non-Masonic good causes throughout the Province. The Trustees meet twice per year (March and October) to consider each request for support.

Get In Touch

To contact the Provincial Grand Almoner, Norman West please email: