Northumberland Freemasons’ Gift Of Independence To Young Boy Battling Adversity

07th September 2023

In a heart-warming saga that underlines the incredible impact of community and compassion, the Northumberland Freemasons have extended their helping hand to a remarkable young boy named Savliy, crafting a story of hope, determination, and unwavering spirit.
This poignant narrative unfolds the layers of Savliy’s journey and the transformative power of a single act of kindness.
Thirteen months ago, the turmoil of war upended Savliy and his family’s life, compelling them to abandon their cherished life in Ukraine. Seeking refuge in the tranquil embrace of rural Northumberland, Savliy, along with his mother, grandfather, and grandmother, embarked on a new chapter overshadowed by the challenges posed by cerebral palsy. However, within these challenges emerged a glimmer of hope.
Savliy’s affection for bike rides emerged as a poignant thread of happiness amidst his new reality, an emotional connection to the life he had left behind. Undeterred by the hurdles presented by his condition and the inherent dangers of sharing the road, Savliy’s passion for cycling remained unshakeable.
An encounter with the Northumberland Freemasons truly altered the course of Savliy’s journey. Thirteen months after his arrival, a life-altering gift arrived – a specially crafted trike that not only brought an irrepressible smile to Savliy’s face but also revitalised his weakening muscles. This magnanimous gesture marked a pivotal turning point, offering Savliy not only a mode of transport but also a vehicle of empowerment and liberation.
“On my trike, I am invincible,” Savliy beamed, his eyes shining with newfound confidence. “I can explore the world around me, every ride instilling in me a sense of freedom and joy.”
Norman West,  Provincial Grand Almoner for Northumberland Freemasons, shared his profound appreciation for Savliy’s courage and resilience: “It’s been a great pleasure in supplying this bike to this young man as I was involved from the very beginning back in January of this year. It’s nice to come out and visit you and see how successful and happy Savliy is, and we are only too pleased to help.
Savliy narrative echoes the profound impact that compassion and generosity can have on a young life. His steadfast spirit coupled with the unwavering support from the Northumberland Freemasons illuminates a path defined by strength, courage, and unyielding resolve.
As we immerse ourselves in this heartrending tale, let us be reminded of our capacity to make a difference, no matter how small the gesture. Savliy’s journey invites us to extend our hand to those in need, to become beacons of hope and positivity in a world that often tests our mettle.
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