Masonic Community Response, “Meals on Wheels”, Bedlington & Ashington

29th April 2020

During these uncertain times social distancing begins to affect every household leading to new challenges for everyone, making life even harder and having even less contact than ever before. Although we all appreciate the difficult times we are experiencing at the moment, we often forget that others may not be coping as well as we are ourselves.  

With this in mind, the Ashington and Bedlington Masonic Buildings partnership is pleased to announce that orders can be taken, with immediate effect, for supply of our free ‘Meals on Wheels’ Service, supplying Sunday Lunches in the first instance. This service will initially run for 13 weeks from Sunday 3rd May 2020. While meals can be booked weekly we recognise circumstances can change so, there is also the facility to book for the whole 13 weeks with just one call. No further contact will be needed unless your circumstances change, and you no longer require the meal. 

Please encourage your Members and Widows to put their orders in as soon as possible so that we can arrange the first meal with the caterers. Also remember that not only are we helping the vulnerable we are also supporting our caterers with this enterprise. 

Meals can be booked by simply calling: 

• Calling – 01670 812300 or 01670 822227 and leave your contact details  


• Texting/Calling – 07590 647681 

Please also remember to order for those that are not able to order for themselves. 

The menus are:- 

Menu week 1 

Chicken breast, sage stuffing, gravy, potatoes, peas and carrots 


Menu week 2 

Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, roast potatoes, peas and carrots 

Bramley apple crumble and custard 

Menu week 3 

Chicken, leek and mushroom pie, potatoes, creamed swede, carrots and peas 

Steam pudding and custard 

These meals will be packed into suitable (disposable) containers for transportation and re heating in a microwave when delivered 

**Please note there may be some slight variation due to availability, but please don’t hesitate to ask while placing your order.   

The areas covered initially by the Masonic Hall are: 

Those living in the general areas of Ashington, Bedlington and Newbiggin 

However, if your home area falls outside this don’t worry just ask. We will do our best to get a meal to you.   

Please be aware we cannot take any requests for alterations or alternatives, and are unable to cater for vegetarians, vegans or those with food intolerances at this time, although every effort will be made to eliminate this. The meals will be supplied on an “as is basis”. 

The meals will be collected from Ashington Masonic Hall and delivered to you by our team of volunteers. A List of the ingredients and microwaving instructions will be included in the pack you receive.  

Who can apply? 

If you are a Mason, living within the Ashington, Bedlington or Newbiggin areas and fit one or more of the following criteria you are eligible. 

a) The member is in the vulnerable, high risk or at risk categories and they have no members of the family living at home that are able to shop, cook or support them. 

b) Widowed and unable or have difficulty accessing shopping to cook fresh meals.  

c) 70yrs of age or over and have no other family living at home who are able to access shopping or support them. 

e) You are self-isolating due to you or someone in your household having contracted the virus and unable get access to shopping to prepare and cook a fresh meal and have no one at home to cook for you. 

f) The widow of a mason living within the Ashington, Bedlington or Newbiggin areas and unable to access or cook fresh meals. 

If you fit into the above criteria and have a partner or other dependant person living with you, you may order a meal for them as well. The maximum order for any household is 4, however we expect the usual number of meals per household to be 1 or 2. Remember, we are constrained by a budget and want to spread this facility as wide as possible. Whether you fit into the criteria or not will be on a self-policing trust basis. 

When does it start? 

Meals will be available on Sunday 3rd May and will last 13 weeks, unless the government changes the current isolation guidelines. 

How do I order? 

Please call, leaving your name, address and contact telephone number and state how many meals are required. 

All orders must be placed by 6pm on the Wednesday before the delivery Sunday. If there are any problems with your delivery or we become sold out we will notify you as soon as possible before the Sunday delivery. Deliveries will be made during the morning or afternoon, dependent on where you live. 

How can I help? 

While we have some willing volunteers, we are in need of volunteers who are able to get to the hall at Ashington to collect from and deliver the meals on a Sunday morning. Collections will start at 10am. If you can spare a couple of hours please contact the above telephone numbers with your name and the masonic hall you are from if you would be prepared to attend and deliver meals to our vulnerable members. 

This is a fabulous initiative so let’s prove our friendliness and help to support each other during these difficult times. Equally if you are a motorcyclist and interested in helping we would be very pleased to hear from those who have the necessary means to carry the meals! 

If you can help you will be sent details of where we would like you to deliver to. On the Sunday morning you will collect your meals, they will all be the same so no need for any special markings, just collect and deliver them. 

Like any initiative there will no doubt be a few teething problems along the way so please bear with us, remember we are all volunteers trying our best to help each other.   

Stay safe and thank you