Freemasons Lead an Inspiring Charity Walk

05th August 2023

Northumberland Freemasons took the lead in organising a charity walk that brought together their families, friends, and supporters, all rallying behind a noble cause. The event surpassed all expectations, leaving participants and organisers overwhelmed by the resounding success achieved through their joint efforts. Importantly, the funds raised through this remarkable endeavour will be directed straight to the Blyth RNLI Station, further enhancing its capacity to save lives at sea.

Led by the Northumberland Freemasons, under the guidance of WBro Collin Bowman, the event organisers meticulously planned and executed the charity walk, bringing together their families, friends, and supporters in a remarkable show of unity and altruism.

As the charity walk commenced, North Shields Royal Keys Marina provided a picturesque backdrop, symbolising the beginning of a united effort to support the Blyth RNLI Station. Joined by freemasons and there families, the day was perfect conditions to walk the intended route.

As the walk progressed, the group made a stop at St Mary’s Lighthouse, where more walkers eagerly joined their ranks. The gathering of additional participants and off course a cup of coffee/ tea for some was a refreshment much needed. 

The success of the event was further amplified by the extraordinary generosity of the participants who collected donations along the way and through raffle draws and donations held in lodges throughout the provinces of Northumberland,  a sum of over £3390.00 was raised, marking a testament to the generosity of  freemasons and families with the pledge and  commitment to the Blyth RNLI Station’s life-saving operations. These vital funds will empower the station’s dedicated volunteers, ensuring they have the necessary resources to continue their heroic endeavours.

The charity walk not only generated financial support but also created an atmosphere of camaraderie and compassion. Laughter filled the air as participants engaged in conversations and shared stories, strengthening the bonds that held the community together.

As the final steps were taken at Blyth Lifeboat Station, a sense of accomplishment permeated the atmosphere. The collective efforts of the Northumberland Freemasons, along with their families, friends, and supporters, had made a tangible impact on the Blyth RNLI Station and the safety of those at sea.

The Northumberland Freemasons, WBro Collin Bowman, and his dedicated team expressed profound gratitude to all the participants and generous donors who made the charity walk a resounding success. Their contributions will resonate far beyond the event, supporting the ongoing efforts of the Blyth RNLI Station to save lives at sea.

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