Building Bridges Under the Rainbow

03rd August 2023

Northumberland Freemasons and Durham Freemasons at Exhibition Park Pride Event

On a day when the heavens opened up and the rain painted the landscape of Exhibition Park with muddy hues, an event of vibrant colours and resilient spirits unfolded. It was the Pride event, a beacon of diversity and unity, where the falling rain was a mere backdrop to the celebration of the rainbow spirit that coloured the day.

Choosing to step out of their traditional settings to embrace this spirit, the Northumberland Freemasons attended the event with a mission: to engage in dialogue about Freemasonry, aiming to provide a deeper understanding of what they stand for. As they reached out to engage with hundreds of attendees, the barriers of misconceptions fell, just like the rain around them.

Joining them at this unique event were the Durham Freemasons, led by the Durham Provincial Grand Master (PGM) and his wife. The presence of the Durham Freemasons added a new dimension to the event. They participated in the Pride walk through the heart of Newcastle city center, showcasing their commitment to community and diversity. After the walk, they joined the Northumberland Freemasons back at Exhibition Park, further strengthening the Masonic presence at the event.

The conversations that day – vibrant, enlightening, and sincere – stitched together a tapestry of shared experiences and understanding. The mission of Freemasonry, built on principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth, resonated amidst the sea of rainbow colours and smiling faces. The dialogue sparked interest and curiosity, leading to an enriching exchange of ideas and experiences.

The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. From the Freemasons manning the stand to those walking through the city center, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction was palpable. The enthusiasm of the attendees, their questions, their interest, all contributed to an unforgettable experience of connection and understanding.

Looking back, it is clear that the Pride event at Exhibition Park was a milestone, a day when Freemasons, hand in hand with the LGBTQ+ community, celebrated diversity and unity. It was a day when organizations like the Northumberland and Durham Freemasons stepped out and sparked dialogue, reinforcing the idea that unity and understanding can bloom even under the stormiest skies.

Here’s to all the Freemasons, to all the attendees, and to the bonds formed under the rainbow. For indeed, a bit of rain and mud never stood in the way of building bridges and marching proudly together.

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