Northumberland’s Misadventures and Durham’s Triumphant Return

01st August 2023

Get ready to dive into a comical fishing escapade that unfolded during the annual competition hosted by the Durham Branch of the Masonic Trout and Salmon Fishing Charity. As the northern provinces of Durham, Northumberland, Cumbernauld, Westmorland, North Yorkshire, and East Riding gathered for the event, little did they know they were in for a wild ride. With challenging weather conditions, unexpected twists, and a healthy dose of humour, this fishing contest became an unforgettable experience. Let’s recount the laughter-filled details and discover how Durham returned victorious with their six-fish catch.

40 Anglers Battling the Elements: Braving the elements, a total of 40 anglers from the participating provinces formed two teams of four anglers each. However, they were faced with a formidable challenge—a tempestuous 40-mile-an-hour wind that tested their fishing skills and perseverance. As if that wasn’t enough, torrential downpours added to the adventure, creating a memorable, albeit challenging, fishing environment.

The Quest for Fish and Durham’s Triumph: Despite the adverse conditions, the anglers cast their lines in search of the elusive trout and salmon. However, luck seemed to be in short supply that day, with only 11 fish caught throughout the competition. Yet, amidst the meager results, the Durham team emerged as the victorious champions, proudly returning the coveted cup with six fish. The skilled angler Jim Forster led the charge, and reeled in an impressive three fish, tying for the most fish caught on the day. Durham’s triumph amidst the odds made for a truly memorable moment.

Northumberland’s Invitation and Future Ventures: Although Northumberland didn’t clinch the top spot, their valiant effort and entertaining misadventures garnered them an invitation to return next year. Their undeterred spirit and good-natured banter charmed the organizers, solidifying their spot in future competitions. The provincial grand master of Durham presented the well-deserved prizes, while PGM Ian Craig’s surprise appearance boosted the morale of both the anglers and the spectators.

Northumberland’s Own Fishing Charity Branch

A New Chapter, Northumberland’s Own Fishing Charity Branch: Inspired by their participation in the event, the Northumberland Masonic Fishing Club decided to form their branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity. This exciting development promises future fishing events filled with laughter, camaraderie, and more humorous misadventures. Their enthusiasm to contribute to charitable endeavours through their love for fishing showcases the enduring spirit of the angling community.

Participants in the Hilarity: Among the unforgettable cast of characters who brought the event to life were Collin Bowman, who caught no fish despite blaming every thing bat himself  David Stockdale, who bought new clothes boots and rods reels got a bite but the elusive fish got away, Roy Irvine, Andrew Irvine, Jim Foster, Matty Robinson, Chris Graham, and Joe Atkinson. Their light-hearted banter, quick wit, and humorous antics added a unique charm to the competition, making it a cherished memory for all involved.

Conclusion: The annual fishing competition at the Durham Branch of the Masonic Trout and Salmon Fishing Charity became an uproarious affair, with Northumberland’s misadventures and Durham’s triumphant return stealing the show. Despite challenging weather conditions, Durham secured victory with their six-fish catch, while Northumberland’s resilience earned them an invitation to the next competition. The formation of Northumberland’s branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity promises even more laughter-filled fishing events in the future. With their passion for angling and charitable endeavours, this community continues to showcase the joy and friendship that fishing can bring.

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