Battling the Weather at Battlezone: A Day of Fun and Adventure with Northumberland Freemasons

08th August 2023

Northumberland Freemasons recently enjoyed an epic day battling it out at Battle Zone in Belsay.  It all went down at a very wet Belsay Woodland, where 17 Freemasons and their family and friends took each other on with air soft guns.


The excitement was contagious and the two teams and geared up for some serious fun. The day was organised by W Bro Collin Bowman and the Northumberland Freemasons Activities Group.


The teams battled with the rain as well as each other, but nothing could dampen their spirits. They were on a mission to conquer the challenges, and that’s exactly what they did. Of course, no adventure is complete without a few battle scars, But don’t worry, a hearty cup of tea (and maybe one or two whiskeys later) put things right.


Everyone enjoyed what was a really fun day, and there is already talk of a rematch. The Northumberland Freemasons Activities Group have lots of other exciting events lined up for anyone that wants a fun day out – golf, fishing, boat trips, go-karting and a lot more.


So, if you’re craving some fun and unforgettable memories and, you want to join us for the upcoming events, please let us know and we can add you to the group so you too can have some epic adventures with the Northumberland Freemasons! The group want to hear your ideas too so, if you’ve got any suggestions for fun activities, don’t hold back, and get in touch. 

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