Scarbrough Court Gets On The Buses

17th July 2022

When volunteers were recently asked to assist at Scarbrough Court with driving the minibus, from the Ashington and Bedlington Meals on Wheels Helpers, it was not surprising that a great response was received from Colin Lonie, Jim Grant, Martin Jackson and John O’Neil, to undertake the first training session held on 30th June and the 1st of July.

The Midas Minibus Training course, paid for by the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institute, when passed, enables the individual to drive the homes minibus, and trains them, amongst other things, in the art of securing wheelchair users in the back of the bus with the special straps. The training was presented to the highest standards and also raised one or two smiles amongst the delegates, who included Stacey and Joyce from the home, who were taking a refresher course.

Having passed the course the residents can now be taken for trips out and day trips in the minibus, by the new drivers, who will always be accompanied by members of staff from the home who will look after the residents. This means a lot more freedom for the residents, not only due to the latest wave of drivers, but also due to the relaxation of COVID restrictions.

The original drivers Trevor Fish, Paddy Watters and Michael Shearer, who have done a great job of looking after the driving over the years are over the moon to now have more support for the home.

The bus is provided and paid for by the Association of the Friends of Scarborough Court from funds donated by the Lodges and Freemasons, who make personal payments, from across the Provinces of Cumberland and Westmorland, Durham and Northumberland.

The Friends work hard to support the home to make it a happy place to be and at present about 40% of the residents are Freemasons or the family of Freemasons

There are three possible new drivers in the pipeline, awaiting the next course, however, anyone who would like to assist the drivers would be more than welcome and full training would be given

if you are interested or just want more information just drop an email to

Many thanks to W.Bro Mike Ewart for the submission of this article.

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