Northumberland Freemasons Annual General Meeting

03rd December 2022

Guests from 5 neighbouring Provinces, as well as the Isle of Man, joined the assembled Brethren from across the Province at Newcastle Racecourse, in late November to celebrate the annual appointment, re-appointment and promotion of Provincial Officers. In addition, eleven of the twelve invited Provincial Heads of Order swelled numbers, in the packed to the rafters venue, to well over 450 at the meeting and in excess of 400 at the banquet. 

In a slick, well organised, meeting, the Head of Northumberland Freemasons, Ian Craigs, welcomed all present and, after remembering those who were no longer with us, went on to re-appoint his Deputy and Assistants, as well as the rest of his Provincial Officers for the year.  

Once completed, Provincial Grand Lodge was called off in order that Michelle Worvell, the Director for Communications and Marketing for UGLE, and Bro Shaun Butler, the Deputy Director for Communications and Marketing for UGLE could enter and provide an update in relation to the National Digital Marketing Campaign, the 1723 Constitution Celebrations, in addition to general updates in connection with Communications at UGLE.

After the presentation Michelle received a cheque, on behalf of the Masonic Charities Foundation, from Ian Craigs tor the magnificent amount of £275000.

Stuart Cairns, the Provincial Secretary, announced the next Annual General Meeting would be held at the same venue on Thursday 30th November 2023 and the proceedings were closed, followed by a very enjoyable meal at the banquet. 

Congratulations, from everyone at Northumberland Freemasons, to all who received their, well deserved, honours and we wish them a very enjoyable year.

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