Glendale Show 2018

08th October 2018

The team were on hand with information about Freemasonry talking to the general public about what we do and dispelling some of the myths about our organisation.  The Teddies for Loving Care always attract particular interest and it was amazing how many young children stopped by to tell the team that they had one or more of our teddies.  The stand was also visited by Freemasons who stop by for a chat.

As always, people were pleasantly surprised to see us out in the open talking about Freemasonry and we had several who commented that their fathers or grandfathers were masons but never talked about it.

Big thanks to the ladies who volunteered their time; Les Watson, Erica Whiteley and Jackie Wotherspoon all helped out with the stand on the day.  All in all a very friendly show which helped us to a successful day.

WBro Dave Watson has expertly led the team for many years and we have lost count of how many shows he has attended on behalf of Freemasonry in Northumberland.  Dave is retiring from the role and handing over responsibility to (in his words) ‘someone younger’.  Dave added:

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Brethren who have worked with me on the display stand over the years and helped to make the whole thing a huge success. I have had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of leading the team.

WBro Dave Watson

On behalf of the entire Province of Northumberland, thank you to WBro Dave Watson for being such an excellent Ambassador to Freemasonry and thanks also to your wife Les for all the help she has given to the display stand over the years.