Annual Newcastle Cat And Dog Shelter Classic Car And Bike Show

09th September 2021

The annual Classic Car & Bike show at the Newcastle Cat & Dog shelter, supported by the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers, was held on Saturday 21st August following a break in 2020. The weather in previous years has been fantastic but Mother Nature got her own back this time around.  The day started with heavy rain that got steadily heavier but as ‘true Brits’ everyone took it in their stride – can’t fix it, just get on and enjoy it – and they did!

Literally held in a cow shed, where many folks took refuge during the day, Freemasons took advantage of this, adorning the area with various stands allowing visitors to have a browse as they chatted and dried out. The various facets of Freemasonry were covered and included the Widows Sons, current content from the Provincial web site, a table with leaflets, freebies and of course the TLC bears. The bears stole the show again with a number of children recognising them and sharing their A&E stories and their bears names.

Given the weather, a great day was had by all who turned up – estimates were over 300 paying adults with accompanying children and dogs.  Even the poor old food stalls (burgers, pies cakes & ice-cream) were making the best of it.  ‘Baldy Holly’ was again supporting the event and when he plays, you have to dance, even if it is tipping it down. Jamie’s rendition of ‘Crying in the Rain’ was particularly appreciated!  The Scarbouough Court posse  was in town and enjoyed the visit, even if they did have to have their picnic in the bus on the way home.

6 hours seemed to fly past with many laughs along the way – onwards and upwards to next year!

Thanks go to W.Bros Andrew Smith and Peter Younger for the submission of this article and photographs.

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