DKW Loving Cup Finally Comes Home

08th September 2021

After three months on the road the DKW Loving Cup finally made its way safely back to Freemasons Hall in time for the Quarterly Communications meeting. Numerous members of Northumberland Freemasons were present to witness its arrival after it visited every Universities Scheme Lodge in the country.

The cup was presented to the Scheme by RW Bro. David Kenneth Williamson PAGM, Founder President of the Universities Scheme, on his retirement as President at the Scheme Conference on Saturday 7 November 2015.

The aim of the DKW Cup is to encourage inter-visiting between Universities Scheme Lodges and further the goals of fraternity and togetherness.

In the UGLE First Rising of 31st May, UGLE Universities Scheme challenged all of its 80 plus member Lodges to take part in a walking team relay, covering the length and breadth of England and Wales. The challenge was to visit every Masonic venue where a Scheme Lodge meets, and in so doing complete an appropriate 2021 miles, as Freemasonry emerged from what has been a unique 2021 (and 2020).

The #Challenge2021 walk set off from Freemasons’ Hall, London on June 9th, heading South East and travelling broadly clockwise around the country, and managed to return to Great Queen Street in time for the Quarterly Communication meeting today.

The Universities Scheme believes the walk, in celebrating a much-anticipated return to Freemasonry, has promoted engagement between Scheme lodges, promoted Freemasonry in general and helped raise funds for the Duke of Edinburgh Memorial Fund, established by UGLE, to the tune of over £15000.

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