Widows Sons Easter Egg Run

31st March 2024

On a dry March morning, the clouds parted the sun shone with meridian splendour and the rain stopped. All over our Province polished motorbikes emerged from their garages, with members of the Northumbria Chapter of the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association astride them. Their mission (for the 16th year running) to distribute Easter eggs to children across our Province. The eggs were purchased thanks to the continued generosity of the Lodges within the Province who without hesitation support the event every year.

Among the schools visited by the Widows Sons were two of the Percy Hedley Foundation centres in Forrest Hall and Jesmond, where the children enjoy the opportunity of sitting on the motorbikes and revving the engines, as well as receiving a chocolate Easter egg from the members. The Jesmond centre is for children who are profoundly deaf, and the opportunity to sit on the motorbikes with the engines running gives them the sensation of sound as the vibration from the engines stimulates their senses, a truly fabulous thing to see. This event is only made possible through the kind donations and support for the lodges in Northumberland, who generously donate towards the event every year. This  is one of a  huge number of events arranged nationally by Widows Sons Members.

The Widows  Sons Masonic Bikers association, are a group of Master Masons with a shared enjoyment of Motorcycling, and they have chapters of the association right across the United Kingdom, as well as the rest of the world. Members enjoy regular ride outs, social events and rallies,  In the past 12 months the Widows Sons collectively in England and Wales raised and donated £144,000 to charity, and attracted a large number of candidates into Masonry through the attendance at public events. If you own a motorbike and are a Master Mason find out more at www.widowssons.org.uk.