Visiting Volunteer Rewarded With Well Deserved Field Promotion

09th March 2022

W.Bro Russell Dawson, a member of Belvedere Lodge No 6558 which meets at Whitley Bay Masonic Hall, recently received a well deserved surprise field promotion to the rank of Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden, as a thank you for his continuous service to support those in need by W.Bro George Sanger, one of the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters.

Norman West, the Provincial Grand Almoner, recalls “I first got to know Russ back in 2007 when I was appointed the Provincial Grand Almoner, and Russ was a very pro-active Lodge Almoner, always calling me and asking for advice for his members and widows. It soon became evident that Russ was very keen on helping me in my role as Provincial Grand Almoner with what was then 4 different Masonic charities supporting other masons and their families apart from his own Lodge members etc.

I remember one occasion calling Russ at about 10.00 one morning asking him to visit a lady in North Shields and he replied he could not do that day but would visit the following day — very impressive turn around for that visit 

In 2017 when it was a request from the MCF to PGA’s to appoint Visiting Volunteers instead of using Lodge Almoners to help those in need my very first thought was to ask Russ if he would like to join a very small band of visitors in this important role – and he replied without any hesitation he would love to be part of that team 

Russ has a very warm and compassionate approach to those he meets asking all the right questions but in a way that makes the individual feel comfortable and not under pressure (you have to understand when people are asking for help from the charity often they are very stressed and embarrassed) likewise Russ is no fool and recognises those trying to take advantage of the support offered by our charities”. 

Russ has also been a trustee of the Richard Henry Holmes Masonic Benevolent Fund for over 15 years, maybe longer, and again has always taken a very active role in this important position 

Norman finsihed by stating that he considered Russ to be a very true and active Freemason and proud to have him working supporting those in need in his very proactive way.

Many thanks to W.Bro Norman West for the submission of this article.

Congratulations to Russ from everyone at Northumberland Freemasons on his very well deserved promotion.

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