The Golden Hind Comes To Wallsend

23rd October 2022

Congratulations from everyone at Northumberland Freemasons to W.Bro Harry Hind, of Buddle Lodge No.3937, which meets at Wallsend Masonic Hall, on reaching fifty years of service to the Craft.

Harry was initiated into Freemasonry in April 1964, subsequently resigning in 2002 and then re-joining in 2018. He was Master of the Lodge in 1991 and has been their Chaplain since 2019. He was acknowledged in Provincial Grand Lodge, in 1983, when he was appointed to the rank of Past Provincial Deputy Grand Registrar, and received further acclaim, in 1992, when he was promoted to his present rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden. Harry is, at present the Chaplain of the Lodge

He joined the Royal Arch Chapter, in January 1974, when he was Exalted into Howdon Panns Royal Arch Chapter No.5315, which also meets at Wallsend Masonic Hall, subsequently resigning in 2002 and re-joining in 2018. He served as the Chapters Scribe Ezrah from 1994 to 1999.

In his professional life Harry was employed as the Chief Draughtsman at Parsons engineering factory where he worked for 45 years.

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