The Carville Chapter opens their doors to Craft members

16th March 2024

An open evening staged by The Carville Chapter No. 2497 for Craft brethren who are not members of the Royal Arch has been hailed as a success.

The event, held at Maple Terrace Masonic Hall in Newcastle, invited Craft members who have yet to be exalted into the Chapter, to come along and find out more about the Royal Arch. The Chapter was opened, while the brethren talked with the Provincial Grand Master outside.  After a few items of business, the Chapter was closed and the brethren were invited inside, accompanied by the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro. Ian Craigs.

This meeting was seen as a great opportunity for Craft members to find out why they should join the Chapter, to complete their journey as Freemasons.  The MEZ, E Comp  David Stockdale, welcomed the Craft brethren into the chapter room, before the Provincial Third Grand Principal, E Comp Paul Winship delivered the Darkness to Light presentation. Darkness to Light explains why the Royal Arch is so important to Craft members, and talks about the link between the chapter and the Craft, including the nature of the secrets to be discovered.  After the presentation, there was a lively discussion and lots of questions, before those attending retired to an Indian restaurant in Newcastle for a meal.

Late in 2012, the companions of The Carville Chapter met and agreed a plan for the future of their Chapter. The Carville Chapter meets three times per year at Maple Terrace, which is close to the centre of Newcastle and lots of really good restaurants.  The companions of the Chapter decided to try dining-out after each meeting, and it was agreed that the MEZ of the year would select a different restaurant after each meeting for the festive board.  It was also agreed that brethren who have yet to join the Chapter would be encouraged to attend the Festive Board, as a way of introducing them to the Royal Arch, and so they could meet the companions of the Chapter in a social setting.  The Chapter has also embraced sharing of the ritual, which supports newer members to get involved, and they plan to adopt the other recommendations of the Provincial Chapter Working Group, to enhance the enjoyment of their members and visitors.

“The evening was a great success, and we are looking forward to welcoming our new members as companions of the Royal Arch Chapter, completing their journey in pure antient Masonry” said E Comp Stockdale, MEZ of The Carville Chapter.

All Royal Arch Chapters are encouraged to plan for their future, and the recently launched Archway is designed for Chapters to help shape their future, grow their membership and enhance their member’s experience. It is based on extensive research of what our members want—and what works well in successful, thriving Chapters across our Constitution.  Watch out for more information coming soon.