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The modern society of Rosicrucians was given its present form by Robert Wentworth Little in 1865, who, with other zealous Masons founded the Order following the reputed discovery of certain origin from an immortal character, real or mythical, known as Christian Rosenkreutz, and familiarly manuscripts in the archives of Grand Lodge.

The Society was based upon symbolism and traditions of a much earlier Society known as The Fraternity of the Rose and Cross, which in turn claimed its designated by the initials CRC.

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This Society subsequently gave rise to other bodies in Scotland and the USA, and in building upon the ancient order, the modern societies have not departed from precedent, but have continued the eternal search for knowledge. This is evinced by the encouragement given for members to produce papers and deliver lectures as a vital part of the College work.

Members are required to be Master Masons in good standing with a Lodge under the Grand Lodge of England or a Grand Lodge in Amity therewith.  Members, once admitted are known as Fratres.

The Society has power to confer nine Grades as follows:

I°  Zelator  II°  Theoricus  III°  Practicus

IV°  Philosophos V°  Adeptus Minor VI°  Adeptus Major

VII°  Adeptus Exemptus VIII°  Magister IX°  Magus

They must be of high moral character, and embrace the principles of Christianity,  and are expected to have sufficient ability to appreciate the studies of the Society, which considers the revelation of science, philosophy and theosophy.  They are encouraged to attend regular Study Circles and deliver short lectures which may be on almost any suitable subject, but not Masonic subjects.

Regalia is provided, at cost.  All members are required to wear the jewel pertaining to their Grade, and most of the Officers of the College wear Robes, which may be provided for them.

Provincial Prior

Chief Adept, R W Fra. Phillip Ellenor

Colleges in the Province of North Eastern Counties

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To find out more about the order, contact should be made with the Provincial Secretary


Number Number Venue
York College 2 Masonic Hall, Castlegate, York, YO1 7DX
Newcastle College 4 Masonic Hall, Maple Terrace, Newcastle, NE4 7SE
Woodman College 6 Masonic Hall, Roylands Street, Hipperholme, Halifax, HX3 8AF.
St. John of Beverley College 16 Masonic Hall, Trinity Lane, Beverley, HU7 0DI
Thomas B Whytehead 25 Masonic Hall, Powell Street, Castleford, WF10 1EL
Middlesbrough College 77 Masonic Hall, Roman Road, Middlesbrough, TS5 5QA