Remembrance Day – 14 November 2021

14th November 2021


RW Bro Ian Craigs, Provincial Grand Master writes:

‘Brethren – This morning, Remembrance Day Parades and Services were held the length and breadth of the Country to commemorate the Fallen in the two World Wars and subsequent conflicts. Masons will have attended these Parades, either with their Brethren, or with their Service Comrades – or both. So it was in this Province, with parades being held in areas including Ashington, Bedlington, Morpeth and Newcastle. My thanks to you all who have organised these events. Thanks also to those Masons who attended – I would be delighted to hear of any parades held today which had a Masonic presence. 

I attended the Morpeth Commemoration, and felt united with Brethren throughout the Province as we remembered with due ceremony, gratitude and pride all who made the ultimate sacrifice, or suffered wounds fighting for freedom in these conflicts; nor did we forget the resultant grievous loss suffered by so many parents, wives, brothers, sisters and friends. Remembering and commemorating this is particularly important in today’s fast-moving society, where traditional views of duty, sacrifice and patriotism are continually questioned and criticised. As veterans and their families age and become ever fewer, we must continue to preserve their memory and their sacrifice – whether by contemplating the memorial plaques displayed in many Lodge rooms, by parading on Remembrance Day each year and by our charitable works.

Brethren – We will remember them.’

There were a number of parades involving Freemasons across the Province, including: 


The parade began with Brethren (a good number of whom were former-Serviceman) assembling at 10:00am under the overall charge of the organiser and Senior Officer Bro Lt Col Dr Bob Bruce  RA (ret’d) PProvGReg and PM of The St Anthony’s Lodge 4423.  It was also pleasing to note that one of the contingent previously served in The Falklands, and is to be initiated into The St Anthony’s Lodge on 26 November this year.  We wish him a long and happy association with his Mother Lodge in particular and with the Craft in general. 

The contingent marched in procession with representatives of the Armed Services, Emergency Services and other organisations and Civic Dignitaries to the Cenotaph at Old Eldon Square, W. Bro Bob duly laid the wreath on behalf of The Craft. Bob is very keen to preserve the links between the Services and the Craft, and feels that Remembrance Day serves to remind us all that the freedoms of today were hard-won by the sacrifices of yesterday; and to instil in us a similar sense of duty to strive to preserve those freedoms in our modern world. 

Following the laying of the Wreaths, the parade marched through town to the Hay Market, led by the stirring sound of the bagpipes and applauded by an appreciative crowd. Thereafter, the Masonic contingent accompanied by partners, retired to the Masonic Hall, Byker for an excellent lunch, for which thanks is due to the Hall catering team. The afternoon ended with a raffle of donated prizes, which succeeded in raising £100 for SSAFA. 

‘Non Sibi Sed Patriae’ (‘Not for himself, but for his country’) – The Newcastle War Memorial 

Brothers in Arms: Bro Darren Bolton, Senior Technician RAF, W Bro Dr Bob Bruce Lt Col RA ( ret’d)  and Bro Tony Millward 16/5 Lancers all of The St Anthony’s Lodge 4433  

Brother Phil Manley 4 para (ret’d) Sion Lodge 7562  

Brethren…..Take Step 

The Cenotaph, Old Eldon Square, Newcastle upon Tyne 

And From Ashington….. 

And From Amble 

We Will Remember Them