Provincial Millennium Club – Winners

31st March 2018

The Provincial Millennium Club which was started back in 1999 by W Bro David Jeffcock & W Bro John Pescott following their year as Provincial Junior and Senior Wardens, respectively, with much support from the then Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Ken Common.

All masons who’ve been appointed to Provincial Craft or Chapter rank are invited to join. This special club does not hold or organise special events, with correspondence being by letter (and of course email).  There are many widows of masons who continue to be members of the Millennium Club and the club would welcome new members.

For the 2009 festival, the club raised a massive £25,000 pounds and for our current 2020 Festival for RMBI, so far they’ve raised a whopping, £20,000  which is a tremendous achievement and with still two years to go until the Festival end we’ll wait to see what the final total will be.

The club draws two prizes each month of £100 and £25  and the winners for 2017 are as follows,

January D Ord Holywell 6341
D Jeffcock Sportsmen 9823
February G.K. Forster Severus 7864
W.A Curry Alnwick 1167
March E.P. Dodds Monkchester 5762
M. Dawes Viking 7934
April P Danbury Belvedere 6558
V. Muckle Ocianus 8329
May D. Coates Newminster 5328
R Thornton Seaton Delaval 4617
June E.K. Nail Plessey 6242
D. Todd Bedlington 6240
July J. Newton Ocianus 8329
G.K. Gascoigne Tynecastle 6317
August P Marshall Sion 7562
B. Denton Perfect Ashlar 7966
September J.J. O’Dowd Delaval 2568
R.R. Harmer Lord Warkworth 1879
October G.K. Forster Severus 7864
P. Jackson Northumberland 685
November J.R. Armstrong Tynecastle 6317
J.S. Driver Beaconsfield 6784
December V. Muckle Ocianus 8329
G.D. Burton Haven 5426