Percy Lodge Reaches Beyond The Craft

22nd September 2023

Percy Lodge No 1427, which meets at Fern Avenue Masonic Hall, has had a very successful two years, with a huge influx of candidates interested in, not only Freemasonry itself, but also the Widows Sons, which is affiliated to the Lodge. With 12 candidates still to initiate and only a limited number of meetings in which to work the degrees, the Lodge reached out to a number of other Lodges, across the Province, to assist. This has worked extremely well, providing a new experience for the newer brethren visiting other Lodges to support members in their respect ceremonies.

The down side to this, if there is in fact one, is that for the past couple of years, the Lodge has only worked the various ceremonies, not allowing for any form of meeting that would provide a further insight into Masonic study or instruction.

Following a conversation over dinner with members, the idea was born of an evening of “Masonic enlightenment” with the September meeting identified as being suitable for such an event. The current Master of the Lodge, Peter Younger, subsequently approached several of the Heads of Orders in the Province, inviting them to provide a presentation on their respective degrees. The very convivial evening witnessed presentations delivered by W.Bro Paul Winship, the Provincial Grand 3rd Principal of the Royal Arch Chapter, accompanied by W.Bro Gordon Craigs, the Deputy Grand Superintendent and Assistant Provincial Grand Master in the Craft, W.Bro Paul Hilditch, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Mark Master Masons and Royal Ark Mariners, and finally V.W.Bro Kevin Standard, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master in the Craft, and Provincial Prior of the Knights Templars, with W Bro Alasdair Watson, Assistant Provincial Grand Master in the Craft, also in attendance to provide support.

Following the presentations the floor was opened for members to ask questions of the distinguished and learned guests followed by a sumptuous festive board, where the guests sat with the newer members to continue the conversation.

Peter explained “This was my last meeting as Master of the Lodge, and I cannot think of a better and more fitting way to end my time as Master and Mentor of the lodge than with the meeting we enjoyed this evening. It has been an unprecedented time for the Lodge, and very satisfying for me to initiate so many new Brethren. We have at least four more candidates for the lodge for the coming year, so this is an evening to be repeated at some stage”.

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