Percy Lodge leaps forward

07th March 2024

If you want to hear a masonic success story, then look no further than Percy Lodge No.1427, because its membership over the past 10 years increased from eight to a staggering 50, with more waiting to join.

The secret to its success is the lodge’s Action Plan, which was constructed in 2015 initially, when the lodge was at a very low ebb. The plan focused on gaining members, both joiners and candidates. Joining members were attracted to the lodge by offering a first-class, three-course festive board, a cheese board with port, and to enhance the atmosphere members agreed to dine by candlelight, creating a very convivial atmosphere. Candidates were attracted into masonry by inviting them to the lodge’s Christmas meeting, which has always been a “friends and family event” and to the summer barbeque, where potential candidates could meet and socialize in a less formal setting.

In addition, members of the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association Northumbria Chapter were encouraged to become joining members of the lodge, and establish it as their masonic base. The lodge put together a lodge officers’ progression plan, with members agreeing to occupy each office for a two-year period, to slow down progression while building a foundation of Master Masons. All of this has paid off, with a happy and successful lodge with “more light blue than dark blue” in the membership.

The lodge recently celebrated its 150th anniversary with our Provincial Grand Master Ian Craigs and the Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge in attendance for a thanksgiving celebration and banquet.  When Deputy Grand Master Sir David Hugh Wooton expressed his wish to visit our Province and attend a lodge meeting,  the Provincial Grand Master suggested Percy Lodge.

The lodge moved its meeting to the 29th February (leap year day) to accommodate the Deputy Grand Master’s busy diary, and welcomed him and our Provincial Grand Master accompanied by Grand and Provincial Grand Officers to the lodge.

The lodge initiated two candidates in a very fine ceremony, in which the three  lesser lights and the charge to the initiates was delivered by five of the Lodge’s Master Masons. The Deputy Grand Master and the Provincial Grand Master were invited to welcome the new members into freemasonry alongside the lodge members, during which Sir David introduced himself as  being from “Head Office” . Sir David was also made an honorary member of the Widows  Sons Masonic Bikers Association, with the presentation of a framed certificate.

The festive board was a tremendous success with more than 70 in attendance, dining by candle light.

Percy Lodge planned for their future, and made changes to their lodge to attract candidates and engage their members. Their success today did not come about by chance… they planned for it and they embraced change.  All lodges are encouraged to plan for their future and the Members’ Pathway provides a framework, and the tools, to do exactly that. The Members’ Pathway Charter Lodge scheme provides lodges in Northumberland with a user-friendly framework and accessible and easy-to-use tools to start the process of planning.  Full details can be found by clicking here.