Oriental Lodge Annual Founders & Past Masters Dinner

08th April 2024

Oriental Lodge No. 9371 was founded to enourage members of the East Asian community living and working in the North East of England to join Freemasonry.  The primus Master of the Lodge was W Bro Peter Chen, and he had a vision to create a Lodge where no one would feel isolated because language barriers, or cultural differences, and where its members and visitors could come together under the Lodge motto ‘Bridge of Friendship’.

W Bro Chen was a well respected member of the local Chinese community, and his vision came to life 34 years ago, and today the Lodge is still strong and vibrant, and lives up to its founding principles.  Sadly, W Bro Chen passed to the Grand Lodge Above some years ago, but words he shared with the brethren of Oriental Lodge still resonate with its members today.  He said: “I would like to share my life’s experiences with my Brethren and I hope they will take note and learn from them. They are self and mutual respect for others and a willingness to learn all through life. Nobody can have an old head on young shoulder. New knowledge and experiences often hide behind problems and difficulties. People who say “NO” may not be against you and others that say “YES” may not really agree with you either. Only time will prove their words and actions are one. Patience is the method, I think”.

Since its foundation 34 years ago, Oriental Lodge has maintained a tradition of hosting an annual dinner to honour the founders, which is attended by Founders and Past Masters of the Lodge.  The Primus Junior Warden of Oriental Lodge, W Bro John Chan, who is also one of our past provincial rulers, along with the Primus Senior Warden, W Bro Tommy Foo, hosted the Founders Dinner this weekend at Pheonix Restaurant in Newcastle.  The dinner also gave the founders and past masters an opportunity to present Tommy with a bottle of his favourite whiskey, in honour of his upcoming 90th birthday.

Oriental Lodge meets on 3rd Monday of February, March, May, September and November at Byker Masonic Hall, and dines out afterwards on a Chinese Banquet.  The Lodge is very welcoming of guests, and if you would like to visit, please contact W Bro Kam-Wah Mak, the Lodge Secretary, by email orientalsecretary@outlook.com