Northumbrian Masters Lodge Welcomes Back Mike Neville

11th April 2023

Northumbrian Masters Lodge No.3477, which meets at Fern Avenue Masonic Hall, was recently delighted to welcome back one of its favourite guest speakers, WBro Mike Neville, of the Frederick Lodge of Unity No 452, who delivered a hugely informative and entertaining talk on “Masonic Politicians”.

Mike is a regular visitor to the Province, having lectured before to the Lodge, as well as to the Northumbrian First Principals Chapter, and the Grand Sovereign’s Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine, when it met here some years ago. He is a widely published masonic author, having written “Sacred Secrets: Freemasonry, the Bible and the Christian Faith” and “Crime and the Craft: Masonic Involvement”, both still available through your favourite online book provider!

Following the installation of VWBro Kevin Stannard, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, as the new Master of the Lodge, done in exemplary fashion by the outgoing Master, WBro Trevor Narey, nearly fifty members of the Lodge, and their guests and visitors, were roundly entertained by Mike’s illustrated presentation, where he described the masonic connections of a variety of British and American politicians – some, good guys …. some, not so good …. and some, absolute scoundrels! 

Ending with his trademark “test”, to check everyone had stayed awake, all the Brethren agreed it had been a superb talk and enthusiastically endorsed the vote of thanks, proposed and seconded by the Senior and Junior Wardens.

In addition to his masonic interests Mike is also a Lt Colonel in the Army Cadet Force and holds the post of National Training Officer, Cadet Force Music, organising camps for bands and for Corps of Drums from all over UK – this includes the Northumbria and Durham Army Cadet Force bands. Indeed, following his visit to the Master’s Lodge, he was due to spend a week in our Province, at the Otterburn Camp, where he had organised several concerts for local residents, delivered by the boys and girls of the local cadet forces, and he was delighted to receive a donation from the Lodge towards the Army Cadet Force to assist in his and their endeavours.

We certainly hope that it will not be too long before we are able to receive him once again into the Province of Northumberland to deliver another of his fascinating talks.

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