Northumbria Widows Sons Spread Easter Cheer at Scarborough Court

01st April 2024

he Northumbria Widows Sons MBA, known for their charitable endeavours, brought smiles to the faces of the  residents and dedicated staff at Scarborough Court during their Easter Fair visit. Decked out in their distinctive biker attire, members of the group arrived with baskets filled with colourful Easter eggs.

The friendly visit was met with gratitude and excitement from the residents, many of whom haven’t been able to celebrate Easter with their loved ones in recent years due to the pandemic restrictions. For them, the visit was a welcome opportunity to connect with the community and enjoy the holiday spirit.

“We are thrilled to have the Northumbria Widows Sons with us today,” said Sam Buxton, the manager of Scarborough Court. “Their generosity and kindness has truly brightened our Easter celebrations. It’s heartwarming to see the residents’ faces light up with joy.”

The Northumbria Widows Sons, a Masonic motorcycle association dedicated to charitable activities, emphasised the importance of giving back to the community, especially during holidays like Easter. “Our mission is not only to ride together but also to support our community in any way we can,” said Luke Slucock, President of the Northumbria Chapter. “Bringing smiles to the faces of the residents and staff at Scarborough Court is what it’s all about.”

At Easter, gestures like these serve as a reminder of the power of community and compassion. The visit from the Northumbria Widows Sons left an indelible mark on Scarborough Court, spreading Easter cheer and fostering a sense of togetherness among all who were present.