Northumberland Masons Come To The Rescue Of “Ma Sonic” The Hedgehog

12th May 2022

A nature lover from Alnwick has received a grant from Northumberland Freemasons that will help her to look after one of the UK’s most endangered species. 

In the 1950’s the United Kingdom had a population of some 30 million hedgehogs, unfortunately over time, estimates now point to there being less than one million in existence, with experts fearing that they could be extinct within the next twenty years.

Alnwick based Sandra Shepherd, is hoping to reverse that trend, by continuing to foster and adopting severely injured or hedgehogs including those suffering from blindness and amputated limbs. She has been fostering from the Northumbria Hedgehog Rescue for about three years and is currently providing a safe and secure place for them to live for 17 animals.

Northumberland Freemasons, through the Richard Henry Holmes Masonic Benevolent Fund, have donated £1000 to Sandra to assist with the day to day expense of the provision of food and bedding and also to create a number of custom built homes for the creatures. 

Hedgehogs require a varied diet and have a banquet most nights consisting of calciworms, hedgehog food and poultry cat food. The always need access to fresh cold drinking water and should never be given milk as they are lactose intolerant.

Sandra explained “I am very grateful for the support from Northumberland Freemasons. Without the additional help I would be unable to help as many of these endangered animals and I hope that this year might see some successful breeding, which will see more hedgehogs being returned to the wild.”.

Stuart Cairns, the Secretary for the Trustees of the Richard Henry Holmes Masonic Benevolent Fund, representing Northumberland Freemasons said “In the Alnwick area, Sandra Shepherd is well known for the dedicated time and help that she gives to hedgehogs. Members of the local community will often bring wounded and injured hedgehogs to her home at all times of the day and in addition to the great relationships that she has with the Veterinary Practices in Alnwick, Sandra cares for many of the hedgehogs at her home, covering the costs, including food, from her own pocket.

“The Trustees of the Freemasons Benevolent Fund heard that a number of ‘Hedgehog Houses’ in Sandra’s Garden were coming to the end of their useful lives and were in urgent need of replacement. The Trustees were delighted to grant an award of £1,000 to Sandra to enable her to acquire new ‘Houses’ for the Hedgehogs and give some financial support towards the cost of feeding them”   

The Benevolent Fund donates around £160,000 annually to local charities and good causes, including food banks, to boost worthwhile and deserving projects throughout Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside

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