Northumberland Masonic Golfing Society: New Committee, Exciting Events, and Opportunities Await!

27th May 2023

Northumberland Masonic Golfing Society is thrilled to announce the election of its dynamic new committee for the year 2023. With a shared passion for golf and a commitment to creating lasting friendships among Freemasons, the committee is poised to lead the society into an extraordinary year of camaraderie and friendly competition.

Introducing the Energetic Committee

Under the capable leadership of R.W.Bro. John James Craigs as President and W.Bro. Gary Breach as Chairman, the newly elected committee brings a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm to the Northumberland Masonic Golfing Society. Their dedication to the principles of Freemasonry and love for the game of golf will undoubtedly propel the society to new heights.

Exciting Upcoming Events

The Northumberland Masonic Golfing Society has an array of exciting events lined up throughout the year. We invite all members and golf enthusiasts to join us in these remarkable golfing experiences, where friendships are forged and memories are made.

  1. Close House Golf Club, June 23rd: Mark your calendars for a memorable day at the prestigious Close House Golf Club on June 23rd. This event promises friendly competition, camaraderie, and the chance to connect with fellow Freemasons who share a love for the sport.
  2. Joseph Miller Cup against Durham, September 1st: Prepare for an exhilarating match against Durham at the esteemed Heworth Golf Club on September 1st. This prestigious cup competition is an excellent opportunity to showcase your golfing skills while fostering bonds within the Masonic community.
  3. Tynemouth Cup: We are excited to announce the potential inclusion of the Tynemouth Cup in our roster of events. Stay tuned for updates as we work towards incorporating this prestigious cup into our society’s activities.

Calling All Golf Enthusiasts: Join the Society Today!

The Northumberland Masonic Golfing Society welcomes all brethren who share a passion for golf and a desire to create lasting friendships within the Freemasonry community. Whether you aspire to join the committee or simply want to participate in future events, we invite you to get involved.

To register your interest in playing in upcoming events or to inquire about joining the committee, please contact our dedicated Honorary Secretary, W.Bro. Collin Bowman. He will be delighted to provide you with further details and assist you in becoming an integral part of our golfing fraternity. Contact W.Bro. Collin Bowman .

Stay Connected: Follow our Journey on Website and Social Media

Stay up to date with the latest news, upcoming events, and tournament results by visiting our newly re-registered website. Explore the user-friendly interface, where you can conveniently register for competitions and stay connected with fellow brethren who share your passion for golf.

In our efforts to foster a vibrant golfing community, we are excited to embrace the power of social media. Follow us on facebook page, @pgln for regular updates, captivating photos, and engaging content that showcases the camaraderie and accomplishments of our golfing society.

Join the Northumberland Masonic Golfing Society and embark on a remarkable journey of friendship, sportsmanship, and personal growth through the beautiful game of golf. Together, let us celebrate the shared values of Freemasonry and forge lasting connections on and off the golf course.

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