Northumberland Freemasons Grants Help The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg

03rd July 2022

The Northern Oesophago Gastric Cancer Fund, and Oesophagoose Campaign, has recently received much needed funding, from a number of different sources within Northumberland Freemasons, which will allow them to continue to provide essential support and treatment to patients.

Based at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, the Northern Oesophoago Gastric Unit are a specialist centre dealing with oesophageal and stomach cancer, and are one of the largest centres in Europe. The Northern Region of England, together with Scotland, have amongst the highest incidences of these cancers in Europe. One of the problems is that patients often present late in their clinical course and are not able to be offered a chance of cure. The Northern Oesophago Gastric Unit was developed to treat patients with these cancers and has developed an internationally recognised expertise.

Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer are the fifth commonest cause of cancer deaths in the UK. Yet many people do not know what or where the oesophagus (gullet or food pipe) is, or the difference between their stomach and their belly/tummy.

You can find out about the essential work undertaken by the Northern Oesophago Gastric Cancer Fund at

The end of May witnessed members, and their friends and family, gather together for a, re-organised charity social event from May 2020, at Wylam Masonic Hall, on behalf of the Northern Oesophago Gastric Cancer Fund. The 43 guests were treated to a buffet and entertainment from singer, Colin Lee, who provided a medley of 50’s and 60’s music. A great number of raffle prizes halped swell the Lodge charity coffers, as the George Stephenson Lodge social events are run for smaller charitiesspecifically, including local football teams and scout groups. The recipients of the charitable donations are normally identified by the guests who attend the events..

Subsequently the magnificent total of £2200 was recently presented, by W.Bro John Hutchinson, to Mr Shajahan Wahed, Consultant Oesophagogastric and General Surgeon, who undertook an operation on John during his treatment, along with Cancer Nurse Specialist, Maria Bliss.

The donation of £2200 consisted of £508 from the social event itself, £200 from George Stephenson Lodge No.3390, which meets at Wylam Masonic Hall, £200 from Severus Lodge No.7864, which meets at Throckley Masonic Hall, and an anonymous donation of £200. In addition a donation of £92 was received from those who could not attend the event and the Trustees of the Richard Henry Holmes Masonic Benevolent Fund agreed a donation of £1000.00.

Many thanks to W.Bro George Tuck for the submission of this article.

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