Northumberland Freemason Serves Second Term In Office As Morpeth Mayor

31st December 2021

Northumberland Freemason, W.Bro.David Bawn, of Northumberland Lodge No.685, which meets at the Northern Counties Club, right in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, has recently been elected to a second year in office as the Mayor of Morpeth.

David was Initiated into Freemasonry, in 2008, into Northumberland Lodge, where he occupied the Chair of King Solomon in 2015 and is, once again, their current Master. He subsequently joined the Lodge of Faithful Service No.6682, under the auspices of the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, in 2011, which meets at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street.

He was Exalted into Northumberland Royal Arch Chapter No.685, which meets at Fern Avenue Masonic Hall, in 2010, and is currently their Second Assistant Sojourner.

Away from Freemasonry David was born in Morpeth and attended Morpeth High School. He studied at Leicester and York Universities and then trained on the job as a solicitor. He initially worked in Newcastle and subsequently moved to Morpeth where he is now the Managing Partner at David Auld and Co, working as a High Street Solicitor, which he enjoys immensely. He is married to his wife, Nicola, and is the father of 9 year old twin daughters, who take up much of his time.

He took an active interest in local politics from 2013, when he became a County Councillor for Morpeth. He became Mayor of Morpeth in 2020, with the term of office normally restricted to one year, however, he was elected for a second year due to the Covid situation, as most of the normal Mayoral events could not take. place during his initial year. His Mayoral Charity is Contact Mental Health which, to date during his tenure, he has raised the magnificaent total of £20000, with many Lodges and Brethren, and the Province, making very generous contributions.   

The position of Mayor involves chairing the Town Council and taking on the civic functions of the Mayor including presiding over formal occasions such as Remembrance Day and undertaking the Collingwood Toast, on Trafalgar Day, to Morpeth’s own naval hero. He also presides over Citizenship ceremonies, where foreign nationals formally become British Citizens after carrying out the naturalisation process.

In the middle ages Morpeth did not have a Mayor as the chief officer of the Borough was a Bailiff. The first Morpeth Mayor was elected in 1836 following the creation of the Morpeth Municipal Borough under the Municipal Corporations Act of 1835. The Chain of Office David wears is 130 years old and made of 18 carat gold. It had been used by Castle Morpeth Borough Council, which covered a much wider area including Ponteland. Castle, Morpeth which was abolished in 2009 when they handed over the historic items, relating to the Mayor, to Morpeth Town Council.

Want to find out more about Davids chosen charity, or to make a donation? Head over to

Many thanks to W.Bro David Bawn for the submission of this article.

Everyone at Northumberland Freemasons wishes David all the best for his second year in office and congratulate him on his sterling charitable work.

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