New Head Of Order For The Order Of The Secret Monitor

30th June 2023

The Masonic Order of the Secret Monitor, also known as the Brotherhood of David and Jonathan, contains ceremonies and teachings which are based on the close friendship of those Biblical Princes, and framed upon the principles of self sacrifice, mutual trust, watchful brotherly care, warning in time of danger, solace in time of sorrow and skilful and effective friendly advice in every circumstance of life.
In 1887 the order was inaugurated in London and, after a period of expansion, the “North East Province” was constituted in 1973. Subsequently, in 2002, the “North East Province” was divided into the Provinces of Durham and Northumberland, with co-terminus with the Provincial Grand Lodges of Durham and Northumberland.
Jump forward just over twenty years and Grand Conclave have decided to re-amalgamate the two Provinces and reconstitute the North East Province, which will occur at Gateshead Masonic Hall on Tuesday 25th July 2023.
Northumberland Freemasons has great delight in announcing that the Grand Supreme Ruler, in charge if the newly created Province will be Worthy Brother John Watts I’m humbled and delighted to be selected as the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler. In addition we congratulate Reece Valentine who shall take the office of Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler and Richard Vipond as Assistant Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, supported by Ian Dixon in the role of Provincial Grand Recorder. The team are working hard to organise the other intended appointments and arrangements in order that all members get a full month’s notice of details concerning the big day.
It’s fortunate that the North East Provincial Banner, and other equipment, from pre 2002 have been retained and are in good condition so will now be reused.
John wishes to place on record his thanks to his predecessors for their support and guidance and looks forward to leading the Order with enthusiasm and help from “The Friend of all Friends”.
Membership qualification of the Order is to be a Master Mason in a Craft Lodge and those interested in joining have the choice of 14 Conclaves in the newly constituted Province.
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