Mind the Masons: Blyth Masonic Building Donate to Dales School

17th November 2023

Earlier this year Blyth Masonic Building made a donation of £600 to the Dales School which specialises in assisting children with special educational needs. The donation was used to purchase more interactive headsets for the children to use in the newly acquired train carriage which has been developed into a fully interactive space for enhancing the development of the children’s manual dexterity and, through interactive media, showing them the world via a safe and controlled environment.

Subsequently, Blyth Masonic Building received an invitation for Brethren to attend an open day and Arthur Hall and Stephen John Ward of the Blyth Masonic Building Charity Committee, accompanied by Brethren who meet in the Blyth Masonic Building, made a visit to the school to be shown around the new interactive train carriage. Several of the Brethren tried the equipment out and were impressed by the experience with Arthur Hall and Arthur Cranson taking a virtual walk along 5th Avenue in New York, whilst other visiting Brethren tried the train driving simulator.  Unfortunately, Michael Billingham, derailed the train, but thankfully it was only a simulation! He’ll be sticking to the bicycle in future!

The visit proved very interesting and the staff and children were perfect hosts on the day and showed their gratitude for all the help the members of BMB and the Province of Northumberland had afforded them, enabling the school to greatly enhance the learning potential of the children.

Blyth Masonic Building are delighted that their charitable donations are helping community projects, such as this, to improve the lives and experiences of those in need, particularly children. The Dales School will be in the forefront of our minds for further assistance.

You can read more about the history of Blyth Masonic Building by visiting their website here.

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