Knights Templar Marshals Do It In Style

31st December 2022

Two brethren from our Province were recently involved in the creation of the, much talked about Preceptory for Great and Provincial Marshals, including their Deputies.

Eminent Knight Steve Ranson, the Provincial Grand Marshall for the Provincial Priory of Northumberland, and one of his Deputies, Knight Kevin Mouzon-Wilson, joined a huge contingent of members from across the country, in November, at Knowle Masonic Rooms, in the Provincial Priory of Warwickshire, to witness Leamington Priors Preceptory No.647 finally taken out of Abeyance and restored to the list of active Preceptories.

Seventy five Knights, including thirty five joining members, joined the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, Paul Raymond Clement, G.C.T, as he honoured the Preceptory by conducting the ceremony and then subsequently opening it.

With everyone assembled the Provincial Prior for Warwickshire, Roger E. Dixon, was escorted into the Preceptory followed by the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, who addressed the assembled members.

Upon Abeyance the banner of the Preceptory had been passed to the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Temple Balsall, Warwickshires Spiritual Home and the site of an original Knights Templar Encampment, to remain there, according to ancient custom, until it turned to dust. Until a new banner was commissioned, the Preceptory would meet under the ‘Beauceant Standard;’ which was duly unfurled.

The Preceptory was then opened, the Eminent Preceptor installed and the new Preceptory officers invested. A proposal was then received to change the name of the Preceptory, to reflect its new identity, to The Preceptory of Barthélemy de Quincy; who was appointed as the Great Marshal by the last Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, in 1294.

The Festive Board was no less a grand affair, being both lively and convivial affair. concluding with a glass of port, provided by the Eminent Preceptor, starting a new tradition, now named ‘The Marshals’ Port.’

Northumberland Freemasons congratulate both Steven and Kevin on being a part of such a historic occasion and wish them well on their travels.

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