Hotspur Lodge Pipped At The Post To SIlverware

10th March 2021

Friday night saw members of Hotspur Lodge No.1626, which meets at Fern Avenue Masonic Centre, pitting their wits against 20 other teams, in the inaugural UGLE Universities Scheme Universally Challenged Inter Region quiz.

The quiz, hosted on Zoom, had over 80 contestants and commenced with a thank you and good luck from Scheme President and Assistant Grand Master, Sir David Wootton and Howard Griffin, Scheme committee member.

The Hotspur Lodge team was made up of two students, one undergrad and one post grad, and two longer serving brethren. As this was a Zoom call the team members were participating, not just from Newcastle as with W Bro Tom Clifford, but also from Alberta, Canada (-7 hours GMT) where W Bro Gary Alderson is currently working and from Kent, home for their post grad student Bro Chris Baker. The wonders of modern technology!

The rounds consisted of five questions each and ranged from chemistry to films, TV, sport, politics, history, music, current affairs and geography. The team was captained by the undergraduate student, who co-ordinated the answers and forwarded them to the Question Master. He thought the oldest member of the Hotspur Lodge team was only there for the history questions and had assumed that as he had known the answer to ‘When was the general strike?’ he must have been around at the time!!

There were the usual hiccups such as someone blurting out an answer when not on mute but, all in all, a good time was had by all. The team felt they worked very well together and there was some banter among the brethren in the call; both between the team and inter team. It was a very enjoyable evening, for which the team thanked the organisers and other participants.

The inaugural winning team, the London Management team, included RW Bro Sir David Wootton, VW Bro Dr David Staples and RW Bro James Hilditch, PGM Oxford and Scheme Chairman.

Well done Team Hotspur Lodge who came a commendable joint second.

The final scores were

45         London Management

43         ULS Staffordshire

43         Hotspur Lodge

42         City of Lancaster Lodge

42         University of Liverpool

42         Province of East Kent

41         Apollo Lodge

40         Hartington Lodge

37         Province of Norfolk

37         Old MancunIans with Mount Sinai

36         Province of Durham

35         Yorkshire, West Riding

34         Southampton

34         Surrey and Sussex

34         Lodge of Chisel

33         Iron Bridge Lodge

31         Leadership team – The A-Team

29         Blockley Lodge

28.5      St David’s Lodge

22         Collegiate Lodge

15         Cumberland Lodge

Many thanks to W.Bro Philippe Pagès for the submission of this article.

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