Good Things Come To Those Who Wait For Ocianus Lodge

19th October 2021

After nearly a year to the day Ocianus Lodge No.8329, which meets at Ponteland Memorial Hall, were finally able to celebrate their Silver Jubilee in style, in the company of R.W.Bro Ian Craigs and a full Provincial Deputation. In a packed to the rafters hall both members and guests were treated to an evening of Pomp and Circumstance as is befitting for such an auspicious occasion, with the members of the Lodge receiving special, and rarely seen, fitieth anniversary jewels.

The Lodge was initially established as a base for homecoming and retired Brethren who were, or had been, members of the Service Forces, and who may have been prevented, by circumstances of age or distance, to regularly attend meetings of their Mother Lodges. Most of the Founders were ex-members of the Royal Navy and It was proposed that the Lodge would meet seven times a year, and only initiate one candidate at a time.

The Founders chose the name Ocianus, God of the Water and of all River Gods. This was the name inscribed on one of a‬ pair of Roman Altars dredged up from the Tyne during the construction of the present-day Swing Bridge in 1876. With regards the choice of a motto the Founders wanted to use “Victrix, Pia Fidelis, Felix”, which translates as ‘Victorious, Dutiful, and Faithful, Happy’, however, Professor Charles M Daniels of the Museum of the Antiquities of the Universities and of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon‬ Tyne provided some background to this when he indicated that the use of ‘Felix’ was incorrect. It turned out that Roman Legions’ titles were not mottoes, as such, but ‘battle honours’ conferred upon them by the Emperor. ‬‭

Congratulations to the members of Ocianus Lodge on their Silver Jubilee celebrations, from evryone at Northumberland Freemasons, and we wish you the very best for the future which, looking at the number of future candidates in the pipeline, appears to be very rosey.

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