Gavel Lodge Gets By With A Little Help From Their Friends 

07th August 2022

Since Freemasonry recommenced in September last year, after a two year hiatus, Gavel Lodge No.8928, which meets at Cramlington Masonic Hall, has had continued success in attracting new candidates, with one candidate through the Membership Pathways Scheme, and an incredible further four through traditional means, leaving the new Master, installed in office in May this year, with the enviable dilemma of how to complete two Second Degrees and five Third Degrees, in addition to Initiating a further two candidates, during his year in office, without leaving them too long a wait. A double Second was undertaken in June with a double Third completed in July.

The solution presented itself, via the Master of Cramlington Lodge No.4196, W.Bro Dennis Parker, and his officers, who volunteered their August meeting to allow a double Third Degree ceremony to be undertaken for Brothers Matthew Armstrong and Ollie Ritchie. The Officers of Cramlington Lodge conducted the majority of the ceremony with the Masters work shared between the current Masters of the two hosting lodges, Dennis Parker and Gary Breach.

With a packed Lodge room, and an attendance in excess of sixty Brethren, both in the Lodge room and after at the festive board, a very convivial Masonic evening was enjoyed by all with Harmony provided by Bro. David Barnes of Cramlington Lodge.

The Gavel Lodge is now looking forward to completing the fifth Third Degree ceremony, at its October meeting, and welcoming two new members into Freemasonry in October and November. 

Many thanks to W.Bro Gary Breach for the submission of this article. 

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