“From the Battlefield to the Masonic Hall: A Remarkable Journey”

24th July 2023

In August 2021, Marc Lewis, a seasoned American Army officer, sought a new venture after retirement. Discovering the Pathways scheme, he embarked on an enriching path into Freemasonry. He applied through the pathways scheme within Northumberland Freemasons and choose Lord Warkworth Lodge, conveniently situated near his Amble home. Marc recounted his journey, “Within seven months, I moved from initiation in March 2022 to passing in May, and by September, was made a Master Mason.” Now dutifully serving as Inner Guard,  he continues to thrive in his Masonic voyage.

Marc divulged the genesis of his fascination with Freemasonry. “Serving in the American Army, I noticed many seniors, peers, and subordinates were Freemasons. The fraternity’s allure sparked my curiosity but the demands of military service left me little time for exploration. On retirement and settling in Northeast England, the opportunity to immerse myself in Freemasonry materialised.” The values ingrained in him by the Army — Leadership, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage — seamlessly merged with the Masonic ethos of self-improvement and mutual respect.

Marc reflected on the ‘Pathways’ journey with fondness. He shared, “It was an intensely personal and enlightening experience. The readily available guidance, via email or phone calls, eased the entire process. The support extended beyond my initiation and still continues.”

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of his Masonic journey, Marc looked back on his military past. With five combat tours during his 18-year military career, he yearned for the friendship and mutual support he had known. He shared, “Freemasonry filled the void I felt since retirement. It offered a sense of community and mutual respect that I had cherished in the military.”

Marc’s curiosity didn’t rest at the Master Mason degree. He explained, “After being raised to Master Mason, I set aside six months to explore further possibilities within Freemasonry.” Intrigued by the Royal Arch Chapter (RAC), he embarked on extensive research and engaged in enriching discussions with his lodge companions. An informative meeting led by the Provincial Grand Master (PGM) at the Grand Hotel in Gosforth provided the final push. “That meeting affirmed my decision that the RAC was indeed the right progression in my Masonic journey,” he confirmed.

Marc’s journey continues to flourish. In May 2023, he attended a Chapter/Archway event, leading to his exaltation into the Farne Chapter.

Marc’s inspiring narrative embodies the lifelong learning and sense of community that Freemasonry fosters. His journey illuminates the path for those considering Masonic involvement. As we follow his continued progress, we eagerly anticipate the further enrichment he will derive from our time-honoured fraternity.

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