Frederick Gordon’s Fifty Years Of Craft Masonry

25th May 2022

Congratulations from everyone in Northumberland Freemasons to W.Bro Frederick Gordon on achieving fifty years service in the Craft.

Unable to attend the lodge nowadays the presentation was made privately at home to Fred in line with his wishes by a Past Master of George Stephenson Lodge No.3390, which meets at Wylam Masonic Hall.

Fred (Ted) was originally Initiated into Portland Lodge No.6170, which meets at Ashington Masonic Hall, in March 1972, whilst employed locally in Tynemouth Colliery as a Geologist and Surveyor. He progressed to the Chair of Worshipful Master in 1981 and was honoured by having the then Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro John Stephenson personally attend.

Moving to Wylam Village in the mid 1980’s Fred continued his Freemasonry and became a member of George Stephenson Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter, as well as George Stephenson Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1527.

He progressed to Worshipful Master of George Stephenson Lodge in 1993 and of the George Stephenson Mark Lodge in 2003.

He was acknowledged in Provincial Grand Lodge, in 1997, when he was appointed to the rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon, receiving a subsequent promotion, in 2008, to Past Deputy Provincial Grand Registrar.

In his hay day Fred was an excellent ritualist and very welcome company at both coach nights and festive boards.

Having recently celebrated his 95th birthday, reduced mobility and hearing have made attendance difficult but there is always a welcome to those that continue to drop in to visit him at home.

Many thanks to W.Bro Colin Lonie for the submission of this article.

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