Four In A Row At Holmes Lodge

17th May 2023

The end of March saw Bro Daniel James Smith initiated into Freemasonry at Holmes Lodge No.2571, meeting at Byker Masonic Hall, incorporating a double ceremony performed by his Grandfather and current Master of the Lodge, WBro Colin Smith, and his ls Father, WBro Guy Smith, the current Immediate Past Master, who explained the Signs.  

In addition, watching on, was Daniels older brother, Bro Dean Smith, who was initiated into Holmes Lodge in February 2020, making this a real family affair. 

Jump forward a month and Daniels Second Degree ceremony occurred at the end of April, once again performed by his Grandfather, this time with his Father occupying the office of Senior Warden and performing the Working Tools and delivering the Charge, in addition to explained the Tracing Board. 

Daniels Third Degree ceremony is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 24th May, starting at 7pm, at Byker Masonic Hall. On this occasion his Father will occupy the office of Master for the ceremony, assisted by his Grandfather, who will explain the Tracing Board. Dad also intends to deliver the Walking Charge to a Master Mason at the end of the ceremony. 

Any Brother wishing to attend will be made most welcome for what is sure to be a very memorable evening. 

To book a place you can contact or call Guy Smith on 07966499768

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