Fifty Years Of Daily Advancement In Masonic Knowledge For John McAree

24th November 2021

Congratulations to John (Dick) McAree of Pons Aelii Lodge No.4523, which meets at Fern Avenue Masonic Centre, on completing fifty years of uninterrupted service in the Craft.

John was initiated into Freemasonry in October 1971, into Pons Aelii Lodge, taking the Masters Chair in 1979. He subsequently served as the Lodges Secretary from 1998 to 2005 and was awarded for his work by being appointed to the rank of Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon, in Provincial Grand Lodge, and then promoted, two years later, to the rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden.

In his early life John trained as, and became, a Motor Engineer, after leaving school. He developed quickly, both with the tools and into management, eventually running several garages over a period of years. During this period of time he organised many social events, for both his friends and colleagues in the trade, which the lady’s in particular loved.

John later moved into Further Education, teaching at Sunderland Technical College, in the Motor Engineering Department, and after a few years took further professional qualifications, at Leeds University, becoming a Secondary School Teacher at Walker Comprehensive School. A well respected and successful teacher he also took on increasing management rolls. As the ways in which schools were developed from the 1990’s, he ultimately became the School Bursar and continued in that post until his retirement. John is married to Marion, a nurse, who developed into Occupational Health and was responsible for the medical department at Consett Iron and Steel Works in its later days. She also went into teaching in Further Education. John and Marion have one son and two grandchildren.

At home and amongst friends and family John is known as John, however, to lodge members he is known as Dick, from his second forename, as, at his first job, there was already a staff member called John, which caused him at work, lead by the boss, to be known as Richard or Dick. That boss, Micky Glenn, was his proposer into Pons Aelii Lodge and also his masonic mentor and thus ‘Dick’ went with him and ‘stuck’. Micky Glenn of course was not really Micky Glenn, but was Cecil Glenn, he didn’t like that name and so was always known as Micky.

Congratulations to John (Dick) McAree, from everyone at Northumberland Freemasons on attaining this wonderful milestone and we wish you many more happy and healthy years in the Craft.

Thanks go to W.Bro. Paul Hilditch, of Pons Aelii Lodge, for the submission of this article.

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