Fifty Years And Surprise Promotion For John

21st December 2021

Congratulations to W.Bro John Brewer on reaching a magnificent fifty years of uninterupted service in the Craft, which was celebrated with a surprise field promotion in Provincial Grand Lodge.

John was initiated into Freemasonry in June 1971, into Corinthian Lodge No.6029, which meets at Byker Masonic Hall, and was their Master in 1980, two years prior to his proposer being installed as Master in 1982. John is, according to research of the Lodge, the only Master to carry out a double First Degree Ceremony and a Double Second Degree ceremony, both with real candidates, on the same night. At present he is the Assistant Director of Ceremonies, an office he has held since 2017. He was a founder member of Corstopitum Lodge No.9019, which was sadly erased in 1997.

He was recognised for his work in the Craft with Appointment to the Rank of Past Provincial Deputy Grand Registrar in Provincial Grand Lodge, in 1989, being promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 1995, and finally to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden on the night of his celebrations..

In the Royal Arch Chapter John was exalted into Temperance Royal Arch Chapter No.2557, which meets at Fern Avenue Masonic Hall, in November 1978, and was a joining member of Northumbrian First Principles Royal Arch Chapter No.3477, in September 1991, resigning his membership in 2011. He has occupied the seat of Most Excellent on an incredible five occasions in 1988, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2013.

He was appointed, in Provincial Grand Chapter, to the rank of Past Provincial Deputy Grand Registrar in 1989, receiving promotions to Past Provincial Grand Sojourner in 1993 and Past Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah in 2003.

In his working life John served his time as an Apprentice Electrician at the Shipyard & Marine Engine Works, prior to entering the Merchant Navy. From there he was employed as a Work Study Engineer at the Oil Seal Works, Clothing Industry and Local Government, which included audit work, until he retired due to ill health in 1999.

His Hobbies include dancing, which is how he met his wife, and he still regularly attends tea dances. He enjoys all aspects of DIY and previously has been a member of the Cub Scouts, Boy’s Brigade, Air Training Corps and Boy’s Club.

He is one of a group of Past Masters who, along with W.Bro Jack Brown another Past Master, used to organise group trips away. The trips, along with their respective wives, went on for many years and included travelling to Paris and Bruges. Over the years the numbers have reduced to two couples who have continued to have many cruises to both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Many thanks go to W.Bro Charles Clark, of Corinthian Lodge, for the submission of this article

Congratulations to John on his magnificent achievement, and his well deserved promotion, form everyone at Northumberland Freemasons.

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