A Father and Son become Brothers

27th January 2018

WBro Price was not the first person to consider Brother Price a suitable candidate for Freemasonry.  He was first approached to join over 50 years ago (on his wedding day) by his Grandfather, but at the time he politely declined.

Had Brother Price accepted his Grandfather’s invitation to join he would be celebrating 50 years in Freemasonry, but that polite rebuttal in 1958 led to a memorable evening for Beaconsfield Lodge, as father and a son became brothers.

WBro David Price and Bro Price

Beaconsfield Lodge were also presented with a 2020 Festival Collar in recognition of the money raised by brethren of the Lodge towards the 2020 Festival.  The Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland 2020 Festival aims to raise £2.5M in aid of Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution, RMBI.