Family Affair At Tyne Lodge

06th June 2023

Mid-May marked an extraordinary chapter in the rich tapestry of Tyne Lodge No.991’s history, which meets at Wallsend Masonic Hall, with an occasion that further deepened the sense of brotherhood and generational continuity.

The Lodge had the privilege of welcoming Ethan Birkenshaw into their rank, with his induction signifying a unique achievement as the Lodge now boasts the presence of three father and son duos. A living testament to the familial spirit that Freemasonry cherishes.

The current Master, David Rowland, who is following in the footsteps of his father, Steve Rowland, a Past Master and the Lodge Treasurer, continues to be a steadfast pillar for the Lodge with his and his fathers leadership and wisdom proving pivotal to the Lodges growth and sustainability. Similarly, Immediate Past Master Andrew Nichol and his son, Kieran, are members of the Lodge with Andrew having the honour of Initiating his son, along with Past Master Alan Forest.

WBro Carl Birkenshaw recently had the pride of seeing his son, Ethan, join the brotherhood and, with the kind permission of the current Master presented Ethan with this Entered Apprentice apron and delivered part of the ceremony, marking a poignant embodiment of Freemasonry’s core ideals of unity, fraternity, and continuity.

Such familial ties symbolise the bonding and mutual respect that Freemasonry fosters, serving as a beacon to inspire younger Masons to embrace the shared values. As we aim to encourage more young Masons to join, this milestone underscores the profound intergenerational relationships at the heart of the fraternity.

Join us in celebrating the cherished history, honouring the present, and looking forward to a future brightened by the Masonic values..

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