W Bro Shaun Lyons presents Lodge Vandeluer with a special VSL

06th May 2024

A significant and tangible link to a once-thriving lodge has been made possible at Shiremoor Masonic Centre.

As a symbol of continuity, Lodge Vandeluer No. 3586  has been presented with a VSL used in the former Earsdon Lodge No. 6219.

In the annals of Lodge Vandeluer’s history, the year 1946 stands as a testament to growth and vitality. Its numbers increased and led to the formation of Earsdon Lodge. Over the decades, Earsdon flourished, etching its mark on the Masonic landscape with moments of triumph and camaraderie.  However, last year, its Brethren found themselves confronted with the sombre reality of its sustainability. It was a poignant moment when the decision was made to relinquish Earsdon Lodge’s warrant, marking the end of an era.

In the wake of this transition, discussions ensued, including grappling with ways to preserve the essence and memory of Earsdon Lodge within Lodge Vandeluer.  It was against this backdrop that W Bro. Shaun Lyons, of Earsdon Lodge, was honoured to present Lodge Vandeluer with their VSL.

“Within the pages of this sacred tome lie the echoes of solemn vows taken by countless brethren, both candidates and Masters, within Earsdon Lodge. It embodies not just the rituals and ceremonies, but the very spirit of fellowship and fidelity that defined our departed brethren,” said Shaun. “May this book serve as a tangible link, bridging the past with the present, and inspiring future generations of Masons to uphold the timeless principles of our Craft. Let it stand as a beacon of light, guiding us in our continued pursuit of enlightenment and brotherly love.”