Days and Moments – Hotspur Lodge 1626

21st November 2021

Past, present and future was marked in fine style on Friday, when Brethren of Hotspur Lodge and honoured guests, led by R.W.Bro Ian Craigs, Provincial Grand Master, celebrated the presentation of two Fiftieth Year Certificates, the Passing of two Brethren, and then met five potential candidates at the Festive Board. 

The Past 

Left to right: W. Bro Robert Warren PJGD; R,W.Bro Ian Craigs, Provincial Grand Master; W.Bro Ray Coe PProvSGD, Worshipful Master and W Bro Derek Oliver PProvSGW     

The Provincial Grand Master was delighted to present W Bros Robert and Derek each a Certificate commemorating their 50 years in Freemasonry. Their undoubted and continuing dedication to The Craft and Associated Orders, to the community and to their families is an embodiment of Masonic ideals and an example to us all.   

The Provincial Grand Master was particularly pleased to note that W Bro Derek’s Proposer, W.Bro Richard Herford PProvSGW, was present this evening. Like W.Bro Derek, who is the current Senior Warden, W Bro Dick continues to play an active part in the Lodge as Chaplain, and during this evening’s Ceremony, took on the additional Office of Inner Guard. 

The Brethen gave their heartfelt congratulations at the conclusion of the presentation, to which W.Bros Robert and Derek suitably replied. 

The Present 

Jolly Good Fellow (Crafts) All…… 

Bros Michael Jose Randle and Geraldo de Alves Paula Neto (Passed 19 November 2021), together with R.W.Bro Ian Craigs, Provincial Grand Master (Passed May 1985) and WM Ray Coe PProvSGD (Passed April 2005) 

Bros Michael and Geraldo continued their Masonic journey on Friday, Passing to the Fellowcraft Degree.  W.Bro Ray Coe, Worshipful Master, conducted the Ceremony throughout, with W.Bro Derek Oliver (SW) explaining the Working Tools of the Degree and delivering the Antient Charge. W Bro Tom Clifford presented and explained the Second Degree Tracing Board. 

Both Brethren enjoyed the Ceremony and are very much looking forward to the next stage. We all wish them well in continuing their Masonic journey. 

The Future 

Five potential Candidates were welcomed at the Festive Board to round-off a very convivial evening.  We look forward to them progressing their applications and hopefully, to a long and happy association with our Wonderful Organisation. 

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