Cramlington Lodge Welcomes Its Newest Member (after a 2-year wait)

18th April 2022

Cramlington Lodge No.4196 finally celebrated one of their number, Bro Idris Wilson, becoming a Master Mason after a two-year wait. The Provincial Grand Membership Officer, WBro. Gary Breach was in attendance to present Idris with the candidate booklets, to get him started on his daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

The Master of the Lodge, WBro. Denis Parker, who is occupying the Master’s Chair for the fourth time, having recently taken on the office once again, conducted an exceptional ceremony ably assisted by the Lodge’s Senior Deacon, Bro. Matt Albrighton.

Dennis has also recently undertaken the very important role of Lodge Mentor, with another experienced Mason, WBro. Warren Harrison, taking on the equally important role of the newly created office of Lodge Membership Officer.

Having just initiated a Members Pathway Scheme candidate, at their last meeting, the Lodge is taking all the right steps to engage with the Scheme and it appears that they will enjoy their upcoming centenary celebrations later this year.

Is your Lodge interested in finding out more about the Members Pathway Scheme and appointing a Lodge Membership Officer? Contact the Provincial Grand Membership Officer, WBro. Gary Breach, at, or the Provincial Grand Mentor, WBro. David Stockdale, at, to find out more.

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