Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

16th March 2020

To all members within the Province of Northumberland we are issuing the following guidance as of 16th March 2020

1.       Any final decision will be with the Members but Lodge & Chapter Meetings should be restricted to any essential activity. Festive Boards are therefore unlikely to happen.

2.       If able / safe to do so and for the sake of continuity a minimum of five brethren are required to hold the meeting so as to comply with Rule 137 – Book of Constitutions. At least two of those five should be members of the Lodge and one, an installed Master. The meeting can Open, undertake any essential business and then Close.

3.       If, for whatever reason that cannot happen (i.e. 2 above), again and for the sake of continuity, the meeting should be abandoned in accordance with Rule119 – Book of Constitutions.

4.       If the meeting would have been your night of elections – Please refer to Rule 106 – Book of Constitutions.

5.       If the meeting would have been your night of Installation – Please refer to Rule 108 – Book of Constitutions with regards to Craft meetings and Regulation 48 with regards to Chapter meetings.