Consecration of The Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of Northumberland No. 9981

23rd January 2020

On 11th January 2020, Byker Masonic Hall was host to the consecration ceremony of Northumberland Province’s newest Lodge – The Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of Northumberland No. 9981 – our first consecration in over 12 years.

Three years ago, the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Ian Craigs, decided to create a Stewards Lodge to help support the business of the Province.  In particular, the Stewards would provide escort duties to Representatives of the Provincial Grand Master at Installation meetings and assist at the Craft AGM – a task they have been undertaking since January last year.

The Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge and the Founders of the New Lodge had been rehearsing for the consecration most weekends since November.  Our Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and the New Lodge’s First Senior Warden, WBro. David Armstrong, spent a number of months updating the consecration ritual from a document which dated back many decades.  The Brethren who took part in the ceremony were put through their paces, not least the Provincial Grand Master, who attended every rehearsal with WBro. Brian Denton, who assisted in the ceremony.

The meeting itself was attended by over 200 Brethren who enjoyed a wonderful ceremony.  The First Master of The Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of Northumberland, WBro. Kevin Stannard was installed into the Chair of King Solomon by the Provincial Grand Master and he appointed his First Officers:

WBro. Kevin Stannard                                    Master

WBro. David Armstrong                                 Senior Warden

WBro. Nicholas Deakin                                  Junior Warden

WBro. David Thompson                                  Chaplain

WBro. Stephen Todd                                      Treasurer

WBro. David W. Stockdale                              Secretary

WBro. Gary Breach                                         Director of Ceremonies

WBro. Paul McKay                                          Senior Deacon

WBro. Jeffrey Ormston                                   Junior Deacon

WBro. Ryan Bruce                                           Inner Guard

WBro. John Freeman                                      Tyler

The address to the Master was given by Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro. Alastair Watson, followed by the Address to the Wardens by Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Dr Greggory Smith and the address to the Brethren by WBro. Brian Rudd.

The New Master presented the Provincial Grand Master with a cheque for £500 to go towards our 2020 Festival Appeal and the Provincial Grand Master reciprocated by surprising the New Lodge Brethren with a 2020 Festival Charity Collar in recognition of the fact that the Founders had collectively contributed more than £33,000 in personal donations to the Festival.

Every seat at the Consecration Luncheon was filled and Brethren enjoyed a special menu prepared by the Kitchen Team at Byker Masonic Hall.

Fresh Atlantic Prawns In a Seafood Sauce with a Wedge of Brown Bread

Peppered Steak served with Seasonal Vegetables,

and Minted New Potatoes

A selection of Red & White Wines

Pavlova with Mixed Red Berries and a Fruit Coulis

A Northumberland Cheese Board and a Port Infused Stilton Wheel with Apricot Chutney and Baked Biscuits

Red and White Port

The day was a memorable one for all who attended and a historic one for our Province.  The Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of Northumberland No. 9981 will meet at Cramlington Masonic Hall on 2nd Friday in March, June (the night of Installation) and September.

The Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of Northumberland No. 9981 


W. Bro. Kevin P. Stannard, SGD, AProvGM

W. Bro. David L. Armstrong, PAGDC, ProvGDC

W. Bro. Nicholas M. Deakin, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. David R. Thompson, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Stephen Todd, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. David W. Stockdale, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Gary Breach, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Paul McKay, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Jeff Ormston, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Ryan J. Bruce, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. David Anthony, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Jeffrey Bulman, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Paul Cassidy, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Ian Cryer, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Niall Deas, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Richard J. Freeman, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Ben Graves, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. John Green, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Richard Hawthorne, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Martin Jackson, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Nev Johnson, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Max Ormond, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. David Park, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. David Parkins, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Dev Rajiah, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Andy Sails, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Bob Smith, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Dr Christopher N. Tait, PProvGStwd

W. Bro. Derek Thompson, PProvGStwd