Commendation For Burdon Lodge

27th December 2022

Burdon Lodge No.3188, which meets at Byker Masonic Hall, had recent cause for celebration when one of their number received a special commendation from the Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK, for their quick thinking first aid skills.

Bro David Slater, a Major in the Northumbria Army Cadet Force, was presented the commendation by W.Bro Alasdair Watson, for his quick thinking at the recent, sold out, Craft Annual General Meeting, held at Gosforth Park Race Course.

Upon leaving the meeting David noticed one of the elderly brethren, aged 92, in a state of distress, feeling breathless and sitting to one side whilst struggling to talk, surrounded by other members. David approached and calmly took control of the situation, offering support, seeking clarification on the casualty’s health conditions, medications and allergies. He subsequently liaised with the emergency services by phone, receiving and providing communications, to aid the ambulance call handler, and remained on scene until the ambulance arrived, providing a handover to the arriving crew including information on the description of the casualty’s condition.

Fortunately it was determined, by the paramedics, that he wasn’t suffering a heart attack, rather his blood pressure had dropped extremely low. He was subsequently taken by ambulance to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, where his condition dramatically improved and his family were able to visit him the following morning and subsequent days when he had been transferred to an observation ward.

It was noted that the first response provided by David to the casualty was done in such a way as to provide huge support for the safe transition into the hands of the ambulance service.

Congratulations to David on his well deserved award, from everyone at Northumberland Freemasons.

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