Combined Efforts Help Scarbrough Court

12th March 2023

Scarborough Court, situated in Cramlington, the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institutions care home providing support for older Freemasons, their families, and people in the wider community with residential care, nursing and dementia support, across the Provinces of Cumberland & Westmorland, Durham and Northumberland, recently took delivery of their first delivery of “soothing bear”, as the three Provinces pulled together to put a smile on the faces of the residents. At present the home supports up to 37 residents of whom 18 currently live in the dementia area.

Bill Morley, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Cumberland & Westmorland was recently made aware that several nursing homes within his own Province were supplying shop bought Teddies for dementia patients on their wards. Proving a great source of help, comfort and support by easing distress and anxiety patients carrying the Teddies were experiencing, from time to time due to their Dementia, Bill immediately thought of the dementia residents in Scarborough Court where he is a member of the Committee of Friends. Making contact with Sam Buxton, the care home manager, Bill confirmed they would be delighted to receive Teddies, if the Friends of Scarborough Court wished to allow their provision.

St. Oswald’s Lodge and Harte Lodge, both in the Province of Durham, agreed to share the cost of the first three boxes of Teddies to Scarborough Court, with the current Masters, Richard Tucker MBE and Jim Durrand, presenting them to Stacy and Phil Armstrong, of the Homes Facilities Team, along with several residents who were keen to take possession of their new friends. Also on hand were John Thompson the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Durham, Bill Morley and Alasdair Watson, an Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Northumberland.

One of the highlights of the day was meeting Eric Allison, an active Northumberland Freemason, who is the home’s most long standing resident who was proud to show Alasdair the photo of him receiving his 70th Certificate in his own Lodge, last year. This again emphasised the amazing support the home provides in ensuring Eric could continue to enjoy his Freemasonry.

Activities Manager Stacy Hunter stated “These will be a fantastic tool to allow is to bring a very personalised level of comfort to our many residents during their time in the home”.

Alasdair explained “Bill Morley identified a need in his Province, and immediately thought of our tri-province home at Scarborough Court. Sam and her wonderful team here saw the potential use for the Soothing Bears with some residents who have dementia. I am pleased to support this tri-province initiative as Chairman of TLC Northumberland at this fantastic facility. All three Provinces see the regular provision of Teddies as a real help for the residents of the home and I am sure Northumberland brethren will support this initiative.

Any Lodge that is willing to sponsor provision of Soothing Bears to Scarborough Court should contact the TLC Northumberland representative at the Provincial office, Denis Frazer, so there is a coordinated multi-province response.

I congratulate Durham for responding today.”

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