Celebrating 60 Years Of Masonic Dedication From Gordon Hunt

08th June 2023

In the realm of Freemasonry, few achievements match the reverence attached to 60 years of service. Today, we recognise and honour the significant Masonic journey of WBro Gordon Hunt, whose steadfast dedication over an impressive six decades has profoundly influenced the fraternity. Join us as we traverse the captivating story of a Mason whose contributions have left a lasting legacy.

Lodge of Remembrance No.6319, which meets at Throckley Masonic Hall, recently had the honour of orchestrating a special event, aligning with a formal Provincial visit, led by WBro Gordon Craigs, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Northumberland Freemasons. This prestigious occasion amplified the emotional resonance of the evening for Gordon Hunt and, despite physical constraints, he sat opposite Gordon Craigs to receive his accolade., in the form of a 60 year certificate, while the attendees respectfully squared the Lodge.

WBro John Pattison, a long-time confidant of Gordon Hunt, delivered a poignant speech in the form of “An Ode to Gordon Hunt,” which beautifully depicted the remarkable man’s journey, leaving a profound impression on the audience.

Now, let’s explore the riveting biography of Gordon Hunt who was born in December 1930: His Masonic journey began in May 1963, when he was initiated into the Sandyford Lodge No.6934, which met at Byker Masonic hall, prior to its sad demise. As the years passed, he ascended through the ranks, holding the position of Lodge Secretary in 1967 and later achieving the distinction of Master in 1972.

His service to Freemasonry, spanning an impressive six decades, saw him assuming various roles within the Lodge until its dissolution in 2022, when he joined the Lodge of Remembrance where his wisdom and guidance continues to enrich the Lodge, and where he remains a valued member.

He was acknowledged in Provincial Grand Lodge in 1982, receiving appointment to the rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon, receiving subsequent promotions in 1990, 2005and finally 2020, to Past Provincial Grand Registrar, Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden and finally Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden.

As we celebrate WBro Hunt’s extraordinary six-decade-long Masonic journey today, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and deepest gratitude. His unwavering commitment, leadership, and continuous service symbolise the essence of Freemasonry, fostering inspiration and motivating us all to uphold the timeless traditions of our cherished fraternity

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